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About consigning and selling used items.

Where do you get all of these items?  The range of items we have is the result of being in the area for 27 years and believe it or not some of the original consignors are still with us.  We have added many more over the years and now have a consignor base of several thousand ranging from Sugarland, The Woodlands, Baytown, Galveston, all over Houston and from six other states.

What types of items do you accept for consignment?  We accept better name brand women’s clothing and accessories in excellent condition.  This includes, business attire, formal wear, cruise wear, and sports wearAccessories include purses, finer jewelry, shoes, belts and hats.  The clothing must be seasonal, clean and on hangers, and currently styled.  We also accept home decor and small furniture.

How many items can I bring in for consignment?  You may bring in as many items as you like for consignment.  We do require a minimum of eight items before opening a new account.  After you have an account you can bring any number of items in at any time during our consignment hours.

What kind of money should I expect to receive?   The consigner receives 40% of the selling price.  The name brand, condition of the item, and the demand for that item will determine the selling price.  Of course, A lot of Panache  hopes to sell your item for the highest price possible but we do want the item to sell.  We learned many years ago that if the item is not priced appropriately for our market we will just end up in effect storing it for 90 days and neither of us will make any money.

What happens to my items at the end of the 90 day consignment period?  At the end of the 90 days, the consigner has the choice to pick up any unsold items or leave them and let them become property of A Lot of Panache.  They may then be donated to one of the local charities.  If a consigner wishes to pick up their items, we just ask that they give us a minimum of one days notice to have time to pull them from the floor.  Consigned items must remain for a minimum of 60 days. 

How do I bring in items for consignment?  Before you bring your items in, you should give them an inspection to make sure that they are in season, clean of course, free from rips, tears, or spots, and ready to go on the sales floor.  If it is too old or whatever for you to wear it is too old for us to sell. Clothing
needs to be on hangers before we can do our inspection.  If you need hangers we can give you some before you bring in your consignment.

What contract is required?  We have a simple one page contract that explains our policies and rules which will be explained to you when you first bring items in.  Thereafter, each time you bring items in that same contract still is in force but a new 90 days consignment period starts for those new items.

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